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Do my husband and I receive 2 different stimulus checks from the government?

We filled jointly, but I received one in my name and for half the amount we are suppost to get for a couple. His was schedule to be deposited the same day as mine, but didn't post. Does anyone know if they are making different checks for each individual?Do my husband and I receive 2 different stimulus checks from the government?
If you filed jointly, you will a joint check with both your names on it.Do my husband and I receive 2 different stimulus checks from the government?
You should have received your check or letter notifying you by now. You only receive one if you filed a tax return for 2007. If you filed together, you will receive one check. If you filed separately, I think you each get one.
you will only get one check for you, your husband, and any kids you have.

How long do I have to wait before My husband gets his severance check?

It has been over a month since my husband was laid aff and we still have not recieved his severance check. How long does it typicaly take to recieve it??How long do I have to wait before My husband gets his severance check?
Read the severance agreement your husband signed. It typically spells it out.

I would expect most to be paid on the next pay after he signed agreement.

Is there a way to make yourself and your husband a company so that you can obtain group health insurance?

I clean and maintain investment properties as a job and sometimes my husband helps me with repairs, etc. Can we form a company and get health insurance at group rates? How do you do that? Thanks for any help!Is there a way to make yourself and your husband a company so that you can obtain group health insurance?
It's actually in your best interest not to pursue a group policy because they tend to actually cost more than that of a individual policy. The way that a group policy would be more effective is in a situation where someone has some pre-existing condition that prevents them from obtaining an individual policy.

Have you spoken with a local agent on what options you have available? A good agent will be able to go over your situation and find options to help get you the best coverage for your needs and hopefully within a decent price range that you can afford.

I know I couldn't afford the rates I was being given when I initially looked into a policy as I am self-employed also, so I decided to risk it and go without and hope that I continued to stay out of the doctors office and have no accidents. I also found Ameriplan just over 2 years ago which helped ease the burden a great deal and got me some really great savings, as well as a bit of relief in that if I ended up in the hospital I would at least not be completely financially shot. You can take a look at the plans at

It may or may not be something that will work with your situation but it doesn't hurt to look. And it can also be used along with traditional insurance should you find what works for you.

Many people who are relatively healthy and don't expect much in terms of doctors visits, etc. can opt for a high deductible or catastrophic coverage type plan which will keep their monthly fees lower and yet still be in place should something major happen. This is when you can use the Ameriplan savings to cut your out of pocket expenses throughout the year for any check-ups needed beings that you won't be getting any help from insurance until you meet the deductible which can be $5000 or more even.

I hope this will be able to help you out a bit more and that you find something that will work just right for you %26amp; your husband.

Good Luck!Is there a way to make yourself and your husband a company so that you can obtain group health insurance?
Sure you can! But ';group rates'; are HIGHER than individual rates!!

You talk to a lawyer, and incorporate. In many states, there must be at least three people, to be in the group. In all, the employees must work for the company, at least 20 hours a week, and you'll have to show the payroll records.

For small groups with less than ten people, the policies are STILL underwritten per the people's health. SO, if you guys are 30 and healthy, the premiums should run you around $800 a month for a low deductible plan, for just the two of you. If you're not healthy, conditions will either be excluded, rated much higher, or your application will be denied.

The reason ';group rates'; through your employer seem to be such a good deal, is because your employer is usually paying half of it, or even more.
You can't get group insurance, he's not your full time employee, and either way you would still have to pay. It would be better to just take out a policy that covers the both of you. If you contact me @, I'll ask you a few questions, and give you a quote in a matter of minutes
Why would you want to go through the effort to pay twice the cost?....

Obviously you're under the same impression that many others are. FYI indiviudal coverage is about half the cost of group since groups' underwriting is either non-existent or very lax. Individual coverage is tougher to get and therefore it's cheaper.

Anyway, just get an individual policy. It's cheaper than group.

You can create a business model, but this would only allow you to slide the money out of a different pocket for insurance. The cost would be relatively the same. Most companies wont even start groups with less than 8-10 people and you are still paying almost full price. The more people the lower the cost. You have a great idea but I don't think it will work out the way you want. Good Luck
Probably best to do some homework about your confusing area.Here is a great start point.
You'd pay A LOT per month to have it.And if you dont already claim your job as income you'd have to.

I think even people who mow lawns for a living can get Ins...its just expensive!

How can I be the perfect wife to my husband?

I want to be a house wife, but I still plan on working, but I want to know how to make our marriage perfect by being like a perfect house wife.How can I be the perfect wife to my husband?
Your used of the word ';perfect'; twice worries me, because as you must know, only Jesus was perfect. Your husband is a nice human being with faults like the rest of us, so why is it so important for you to be ';perfect';? Please give some thought to this aspect. Since you love him, you will naturally be supportive of his hopes and dreams, and you will want to do things he likes and enjoys. Those are the major things to do as a loving wife. I trust he loves you also, and in that case he can't expect you to be perfect; that word is coming from you and you need to understand that your best effort will be very good for him.How can I be the perfect wife to my husband?
Being perfect is a failure in itself, because no one is perfect. I came across this article that would be ';perfect for you';!

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How about you throw out the concept of perfect because this is unrealistic. And go and talk to your husband and see what his needs and expectations are for this relationship; and then voice yours.

You should be working as a team, or this will not be a fulfilling union. You can't make him happy and he can't make you happy; both of you can decide to be happy and make a conscious effort together to identify what these things will be that you can do to reach this goal.

Marriage is tough, and there will be times that you both can't stand each other. But know this is normal; you both should have lives outside of each other and with each other so you aren't being smothered. Good luck!
This is actually a big subject with many women right now because most women want the same thing you do but find that being a full time worker and being a full time house wife is incredibly exhausting. Over time, one part or the other has to be neglected then women feel guilty about it.

Going forward you have to accept that not everything is going to get 100 percent care. Just make sure to love your husband and let him love you back.
I was a housewife for a while and now I work and go to school full-time.

I ASKED my husband what he wanted in a wife. He said he married me because he loved me and I have a great personality.

He said nothing about cleaning the house, cooking or raising kids - those are all bonuses!

We have a very equal relationship. You can't have or do it all - as good as it may be, it will only stress you out.

You can't be perfect, but you can get close to it! Just be yourself, set a schedule, get on a good routine, and be loving to him. Do a little housework everyday so that the weekends are completely free for the family or him.

Be open, honest and sexy too!!
You're a Christian woman. The bible has it's own description of the ideal wife (and no the bible never says anywhere that a woman has to be housewife in case people were wondering) in both the old and new testaments. There are also a great deal of decent marriage books out there that you should read.
Step one: Don't listen to feminists here. They will tell you to belittle your man, wear the pants in the household, be bossy %26amp; overbearing, etc. That alone will cause conflict and lead to problems in the relationship.

Just be a good person and he should be the same. What he does for you; make up for in other areas.
Prepare meals in advance so all he has to do is warm it up when he gets home. You can clean the house like 1 a week cuz guys are not that picky. Do the laundry 2 times a week. Help him put on his shoes when he goes off to work and kiss him with tongue.
Keep everything clean and tidy. Try to bring fresh flowers home. Cook breakfast and dinner and send left overs for lunch. Be a whore in the bedroom and listen to whatever problems that he may have had during the day.
There is no such thing as perfection in the human being. Love him, be nice, have fun, dont sweat the little things. But perfection is both boring and imposible to accomplish.
No one can be perfect hun. Just try your best to do the right things. Someone who truly loves you will not expect perfection.
Why don't u ask him? Ask him what his definition of a perfect wife is. I bet u he knows what he wants better than anyone on this website. And he'll be happy that you are trying
Morningly oral to wake him up instead of an alarm clock?

Who knows? Depends on who you two are and what you want. And what would work.
be very submissive and kind and loving

be helpful too
Long hair

Sex any time

Don't get fat

Know when to shut up

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  • Can my husband attend the military hearing without an atty and what will gonna happened after?

    My husband is in the Army and has a chapter 14 Misconduct Discharge.He will gonna have a military hearing but he dont have an atty.If they want my husband to kick him out of the army why he will gonna go to that heraing?Can my husband attend the military hearing without an atty and what will gonna happened after?
    he will be given an attorney provided by JAG.

    and for crying out loud.. take an English class or something...It took me five minutes before I figured out what you were trying to say, and I am still not even sure I have it right.Can my husband attend the military hearing without an atty and what will gonna happened after?
    As they say in CID. No poly, no waiver, no statement, no fingerprints, no photographs, deny everything and get a lawyer.

    He should have shut his mouth from the start and has his lawyer do all of the talking.
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    Could you please fix your grammar it's hard to understand what your trying to say.
    well...... i'm sure judging on you're grammar.... he's ******

    How has your view of America changed since my husband was elected President?

    Do you still consider my country to be racist?How has your view of America changed since my husband was elected President?
    For the first time in my adult life Im proud of my countryHow has your view of America changed since my husband was elected President?
    1) It has improved drastically.

    2) Yes people here are still racist because if you go to the Politics section there are lots of people pointing out his middle name is ';Hussein'; and they think that's a bad thing since a lot of Muslim's have that name.
    Yes this country is still racist. And nothing can change that but these stupid azz white folks...

    ih hi ih whatever the fucc you put. Don't you get tired of your same lame azz comments. I'm tired of hearing them. You need to wake the **** up, before someone wakes u up. The world does not stop because your dumb azz spoke. I can say some very mean things but I'm really trying not too...So just STFU and answer the question with some respect next time.

    By the way u look black lol...

    Scott u need to STFU too. What were you doing and saying when Bush killed off all your white little buddies. Do your mom and dad still love his dirty azz drawers. Yeah I thought not...
    For the better.

    There are still clearly quite a numer of blatant racists, and even larger numbers of subtle racists, but structurally, it's clear that America has made some amazing strides.
    First, you have just epicly failed. Second, even if you were the First Lady, you would not consider your country, but ';ours';. But ignoring the last part of your question, my view hasn't changed at all.
    Of course there's still racism! Racism didn't just end the day of the inaugural ball! lol It didn't magically disappear!
    scott you are really ignorant
    No. I am proud to be an American now that we have proved that we can put doing whats right ahead of doing whats white.
    NO I see it as an African nation with lots of ghettos gangs and uneducated people.

    YOur husband has done nothing good so far (its been almost a year)

    Black people could never run a 1st world nation.

    If a manager has an affair with an employees Husband, should there be repercussions at work?

    Or is it strictly a personal matter?If a manager has an affair with an employees Husband, should there be repercussions at work?
    What a tangled web we weave. There would be repercussions in the basis that the manager is creating a poisoned atmosphere at this place of work, how can the one individual possibly deal with the other or take any instruction. This person/manager has shown that they do not know how to manage a broom closet as much as a workplace.

    Now the information you give is sparse, but in the long, run one of the two individuals in the workplace will have to go. The manager has a little issue of possible blackmail, unprofessional behaviour and neglect of duty. The worker has to deal in a place that no longer is hospitable to his or her needs.

    Sadly, these affairs never work out, and someone pays the price. It takes but one call to the workplace or ones divorce lawyer and watch the fun begin. And as a personal matter, am sure the battle at home will lead to filling a lawyers pocket.If a manager has an affair with an employees Husband, should there be repercussions at work?
    This is a really interesting question. I do believe that these facts would permit a claim under Federal and State law since an employee need only show a hostile work environment that leads to an adverse employment action. What could be more hostile than your boss having an affair with your spouse.

    From a strictly ethical perspective, there should definitely be repercussions.
    The people having the affair are not working together. The manager can sleep with whomever he wants to on his own time. I'd say it's a huge bummer for the poor employee who is being cheated on, but has nothing to do with work. If the manager treats her the same as everyone else, then it's strictly a personal matter.
    Not a nice thing but would say it was a personal matter. Different if it was 2 people in the workplace having the affair and their contract specifically stated there should be no dating etc. with colleagues.
    They both should be fired, ethically speaking.
    Yes, but often there never ever is.